Key Home Improvement Tips

If you’re taking on a major home improvement project, there are a few tips you should know that can make the whole process go a lot more smoothly. From hiring the right laborers to planning smart, this article will cover the five crucial tips you need for a successful home improvement project.

1. Always check your contractor’s and laborer’s references.

Whether it’s calling former clients, viewing their portfolios or reading online reviews, it is absolutely critical that you do a thorough background check of your contractors and any laborers you hire to help with your home improvement project.

You want to make sure that anyone you hire is licensed, insured, has a clean record and a solid reputation. Hiring the right person will save you both time and money.

2. Never settle for less than 3 quotes.

If you’re pricing a paint job or a thousand square feet of tile, always request at least a quote from three different businesses to get a clear range of your estimates. By having three quotes, you’re better equipped as a customer to really know the cost of an item or job.

If you like one provider or retailer better than another, don’t be afraid to ask them to come down on their quote to meet their competitor’s bid. Most good business people are more than happy to lower their price to attract a new customer.

3. Pad your budget.

When laying out your budget proposal, always pad it by at least 15-20 percent. You want some wiggle room for unexpected surprises, hidden costs and timeline problems. The planner who doesn’t leave himself financial room to maneuver will likely face financial risks before the completion of the project.

4. Check your permits twice.

Before you do any major home renovation, make sure all your permits are in order. The last thing you want is an entire house overhaul being stopped by the building inspector once your house has been demolished. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge, consult a lawyer or a licensed builder to make sure you clearly understand what’s required in your city, county and state.

5. Have your materials on hand.

Having all your materials at the job site and ready to go before you start a project is your best insurance against delays. Most major home improvement renovations are delayed by unshipped products and supplies.

Remember, there’s a lot that goes into any home improvement project, but with these five tips you’re on your way to bringing in your project on time and on budget!